Gym Mirrors (Relocatable)

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Suitable for dance studio/home gym/fitness centre/Schools, Also great for occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

Mirrors in modules of 1200mm x 1800mm H each, ready to hang.

(3 shown in picture, but sold individually).

Can be hung on any wall. FULLY RELOCATABLE.

Landscape hanging option available if required.

6mm mirror is the best quality mirror laminated on 12mm thick black backing board for maximum safety.

Our Mirror is a quality mirror that gives you the best reflective properties, both close up and from a distance and is less prone to scratching like Plastic/Acrylic/Mylar or Perspex.

You cannot beat the true reflection of plate glass mirror.

These mirrors are supplied with a split batten metal hanging system to both top and bottom, which can be seen on this website (Hanging System) This allows each module to sit almost flat back against your wall and will be removable for relocation if required.



Features and Benefits

This system only needs several small screw holes per mirror to your wall ,that can be easily filled when mirrors are removed for relocation.

Unlike STUCK ON mirrors , that will need to be broken to be removed and the wall completely re plastered before you can repaint.

This is just another reason our relocatable Gym Mirrors are so good.

INTERSTATE FREIGHT: All freight costs will be quoted on an individual basis.  (excludes Melbourne)

For pricing, including freight, please email us with the following information at

*Quantity required

*Delivery Address

*Whether delivery is being delivered to business or private address.

(Business is always the preferred option, if possible)

*Ground floor delivery only

Please Note-

Website freight calculator is base rate only and will be reviewed once we have the above information.

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  1. Frank

    Nice idea&design. Nice mirror. Nice labor. Warm service. Big thanks Don&Kathy.

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